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New Home Planning Checklist

When beginning the process to hire an architect for your new home or major renovation project, it may seem overwhelming at times when you begin to think about the all the numerous things you want in your new home, how you want them to work, what kinds of spaces you want, and how they might be best for your needs and lifestyle.

In this downloadable PDF guide, you’ll discover a checklist that will help you:

  • Clarify your goals, needs, and desires for your new home or major addition project. This information is essential to give to your architect before beginning the design process.
  • Identify your lifestyle requirements – you will think about how you live, your needs, and the features that you want and how you will use them.
  • Describe and analyze your property – describing your property and how you want to locate your new home to best utilize the site will be extremely beneficial to you and your architect.
  • Identify your Home Design Requirements – Here’s where you can really think and reflect upon your needs, what styles of home design you find appealing, and what amenities you may want or need in your home.
  • Identify Room requirements – How many do you want, what are their uses, and what sizes should they be?
  • Think about Interior Finishes – there are many things to think about when considering interior finishes and it’s never too soon to begin thinking about them.

The items in this checklist will ignite a bit of soul searching, deep thinking, and reflection about what you really find important in the home you’re about to help create. Answering the questions in this checklist will be extremely beneficial and some may be questions that you haven’t previously considered. Proper planning is essential and this checklist is one of the very first steps in working with your architect on the successful design of your new home.

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