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We all dream of our just right home – however you define it. Creating a home designed to support the lives and activities of those dwelling there can be an enormously rewarding undertaking. Architects have important contributions to make to this process.

Finding the right one is important. Choosing the right residential architect is even more critical.

I firmly believe that creating a new house for a client is a collaborative process between architect and client. I listen very closely and ask thoughtful questions to help me understand and identify your goals and priorities. Your answers will tell me about how you live, your aesthetic preferences, your budget, and your desired time frame. What you tell me will dictate the concepts, ideas, and possibilities that I’ll develop as we create the design concept for your remodel, addition, or new home.

Couples sometimes have conflicting ideas about what makes the ideal design. I have a knack for listening to each set of concerns and wishes, and creating a design that delights and satisfies both partners. I strive to create designs that go beyond my clients’ original goals to produce lovely and functional spaces for living.

People considering home remodels or additions often wonder, “Why remodel this place?” or “Why don’t I just buy a new house somewhere else?” This is not always the best option. Besides the chore and expense of moving, many of us find numerous things to enjoy about our homes. We like our neighborhood, our location, or whatever confirms our desire to stay put and improve it by remodeling or constructing an addition.

Contractors tell me that they are impressed with the thoroughness and accuracy of the construction documents that I provide for my clients. Excellent construction documentation is one of the best ways to ensure that the construction process proceeds smoothly. I cannot over emphasize the need for quality construction documents.

One of the silver linings about the current economic situation is that as construction activity has greatly decreased, you can get much more competitive pricing from well qualified contractors and they have time to do it.

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New Homes

If you’re considering the design and construction of a new home, you’re already excited with anticipation about creating a new living environment. You have the chance to create a home that meets your needs, works well with its site, and is a joy to experience.

I have always taken pleasure working with my clients in designing their new home and enjoy discussing their dreams and inspirations with them. Together, we can create a successful and appealing design. I’ve been able to assist my clients in helping them see possibilities they may not realize and providing them with information that helps them make decisions during the planning and construction process.

In beginning the design process, I try to find out what inspires you, what you like, and what you find appealing in homes. Like many clients, you may have a folder of “Ideas for Home” which contains photos, magazine clippings, written articles, and other information that you’ve collected. When we meet, I encourage you to bring this information because it is very helpful to interpret your tastes and needs. You may come to me with a vague idea of what you would like or you might show up with a folder crammed with your wish list of what you would like. In either case, we can use this information as a starting place on the journey to creating a home that is truly yours and is inspired by you.

My role as an architect is to assist you, not to dictate my design intentions on your new home. I bring a combination of three skills that is essential in creating a successful project. These skills are:

  • Listening to you and determining your needs and requirements
  • Interpreting your needs and requirements in developing creative design concepts
  • Taking these ideas and translating them into drawings that allow assembly of building materials to bring your project to life

These skills have proven very beneficial to my clients in that the design process is a rewarding experience in that they are full participants in the creation of their new home. My clients have been extremely appreciative of my skills and knowledge in producing construction drawings and my ability to work with contractors that have allowed for a much smoother construction process.

I’d love to talk with you about your new home. Call 425-806-3703 for a consultation or submit a question.

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Remodels & Additions

If you’re thinking of remodeling or building an addition to your home, you’re probably in one of two situations. You’ve lived in your home for some time and know its strengths and weaknesses intimately. You know what you love about it and what drives you crazy. Or, you’ve just purchased a home and want to improve the design and layout to make it work for you and your family.
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Whatever your situation, you are not alone in wanting something more for your home. Many homes weren’t designed to accommodate our lifestyles and ways of living today. For example, the small kitchens in many older homes don’t support the way we congregate around our kitchens and eating areas as the centers of our families or social gatherings.

Many older homes have a sense of character, style, and visual appeal, but their interior layouts don’t work. Homes with tremendous view potential often have interior layouts that only take partial advantage of possible vistas. Many older homes are small and cramped. An addition can transform the house into one that works well and is more enjoyable to live in.

I take great pride in creating home additions with visual appeal that appear to be part of the original design. Many perfectly good homes are not visually appealing. I also delight in designing architectural elements and details that enhance the interiors and exteriors of formerly homely or nondescript homes.

I have designed remodel and addition projects for Craftsman style houses dating to 1913, cottage style farmhouses from the early 1920’s, and a wide variety of residences constructed between 1920 and 1995. I am quick to see what works, what doesn’t, and how to greatly improve each home.

I’d love to talk with you about your home remodel and addition project. Call 425-806-3703 for a consultation or submit a question.

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